Have you ever wanted to be a hero? A villain?

Live Action Roleplay offers the chance to step into an adventurer's boots and live their story, all whilst enjoying the support of an ever expanding community. Unlike many online RPGs, LARP doesn't set you as the protagonist of the tale, but it does toss you into the action alongside other wonderful and talented players. You help each other to accomplish objectives, build the world, and above all... tell a fantastic tale!

LARP is an incredibly inclusive hobby. Whatever your interests; cosplay, light combat sports, improvisational acting, group storytelling, prop design and crafting... you will find both an outlet and an appreciative audience at our events!

Many find LARPing to be therapeutic too, a break from the everyday!

So give it a go! Adventure awaits!

Vylklanders grin in the face of battle
Vylklanders grin in the face of battle